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Organize, Store & Relive Precious Memories.

Unleash Barora: Elevate Your Memories, Securely Store and Relive Your Life's Precious Moments. In One Singular Place!

Great Prices

Experience Barora, the app that perfectly aligns with your needs and desires. Discover its incredible features and benefits firsthand!

More For Less

Say goodbye to unnecessary clutter. Barora is the app that tailors itself to your specific requirements. Discover its streamlined functionality today!

User Centered

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Barora is meticulously crafted to meet your needs, wants, and beyond. Embrace a personalized and intuitive experience now!

App Features

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Secure & Safe!

With extraodinary security systems that make you feel safe at all time!

Privacy Policy
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Upload Images & Videos To The Cloud

With extraodinary security systems that make you feel safe at all time!

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Highly Customizable, Change Everything

Highly Customizable, Change Everything

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Schedule Remidners!

Create reminders for your special anniversaries, and customize receiving notifications!

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Subscribe to amazing plans

Extend what you can do wityh barora, more for less! Add AI functionality and customized support, and more!

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Works on all mobile operation systems

The app is compatible with all major mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android. Just go to your favorite store and type 'Barora' to download it.

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Available in Arabic, English, and Turkish! With more languages coming soon.

Pricing & Plans





Set up custom reminders.
Unlimited free support
Unlimited free support





All features in Free.
Up to 8 GB of media storage.
18,000 Tokens in Barora AI.





All features in Plus Plan.
Up to 12 GB of media storage.
26,000 Tokens in Barora AI.

*All Terms And Conditions Apply

Company Info

Barora Company Shop
@12th Street, Tiego, California
مجوهرات بارورا
Phone Number
+(90)5399294813 / +(90)5368502230
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التطبيق فكرته جيدة جداً  راح يضمن الكم صوركم  ومناسباتكم وذكرياتكم المهمة داخل التطبيق فقط ومافي داعي لوجودها في هواتفكم واذا حصل شيء لأجهزتكم لاقدر الله فبتحميل التطبيق وتسجيل الدخول للتطبيق راح يكون كل الصور والمقاطع والمناسبات وحتى الذكريات المحفوظة في حسابكم الخاص ببارورا موجودة في التطبيق لذلك يستحق ٤ نجوم
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I am truly enamored with this app! Its remarkable versatility ensures that couples of all types can benefit from its outstanding performance and ingenious concept.Its seamless user interface is great. I give it a resounding 4.5 stars.
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تطبيق جيد جداً وفكرة ممتازة وراح يفيد المستخدمين كثيراً خصوصاً المقبلين على الزواج 😁 يستحق 5 نجوم


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